Why Katie?

Katie has a proven track record as an advocate for progressive policies and working with people of all backgrounds for common good. Katie loves taking on hard problems - it’s her bread and butter. With one of California’s most complex and persistent problems, homelessness, she’s achieved remarkable results. She will continue to be an energetic progressive leader, tireless in securing and strengthening all of our most vital public services. She has direct insight into the needs federal programs meet, and how with evidence and outreach they can become more efficient and effective. After partnering with health providers, law enforcement, and employers, and overseeing hundreds of government contracts, Katie understands the complexities of real change. 

She will fiercely defend the rights and dignity of workers, women, seniors, LGBT people, immigrants, and the disabled. She will push hard every day for a VA worthy of our vets, criminal justice policies that work, healthcare that puts patients before profits and the 21st century infrastructure for a sustainable equal-opportunity economy. Katie is running to be part of a new generation of leaders in a new House majority, and she is eager to put her energy and dedication to work in Washington.