Remote Opportunities

You don’t have to live in-district to help us out! In fact, we need out-of-district volunteers.


Fly in for GOTV to volunteer on the ground.

You’ll join thousands of other volunteers for a memorable on-the-ground experience.

We will help you find housing and give you a job to do. All you have to do is figure out your transportation here. Leave the rest up to us.


Be on our social media rapid response team.

We’re using Team, an app that empowers volunteers to share Katie’s message with voters in our district. 

With the proliferation of smartphones and social media, we need to rethink what civic engagement looks like in 2018. We can reach more voters and volunteers if we use technology in the right way.

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Host a remote phone bank.

Personalized communication with voters is always the best way to ensure they go out to vote.

We can get you — and/or a group of your friends — trained at your earliest convenience! Just sign up with the event link below.