Press Releases:

October 10th - Katie Hill Weekly Slate of Campaign Events

“Congressional Candidate Katie Hill continues to gather residents and community leaders to discuss the most pressing issues affecting the 25th District. Listed are public events scheduled over the coming days.”

October 4th- Katie Hill Demands Steve Knight Stop Playing Politics with Health Care

“Last year, Steve Knight voted for a health care overhaul which would have resulted in millions of people losing their medical coverage, and has voted to repeal all or part of the Affordable Care Act nine times, which would have increased health care costs and made it impossible for those who have preexisting conditions to get affordable coverage.”

September 21st- Katie Hill and Steve Knight Show Major Differences in Second Debate

“Our community desperately needs a representative who will stick to their word, instead of all the political posturing, which is exactly why I’m running for Congress.”

September 18th- Katie Hill Releases Second Spot of General Election

“We all know Washington is broken. Politicians don’t stand for anything besides their party and their corporate donors. It’s time to be for something again,” said Hill. “I’m for moving past politics-as-usual and standing up for our values.”

August 9th- Social Security Works PAC Endorses Katie Hill

“Katie Hill will fight to protect and expand Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, while also working to lower the outrageous cost of prescription drugs."

July 26th- Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti Endorses Katie Hill

"Katie and I share the same values – she is a proven leader who gets results. In Congress, she will work for the most vulnerable of our communities and fight for access to housing and health care for all."

July 24th- Congressional Hispanic Caucus BOLD PAC Endorses Katie Hill

“The American people have made it perfectly clear that they are sick of partisan bickering, divisive rhetoric, and destructive policies. They want real leaders and real solutions, and that's exactly why BOLD PAC is proud to endorse Katie Hill."

July 19th- SEIU California Endorses Katie Hill for Congress

“SEIU California is proud to endorse leaders who will stand by children, return checks and balances to our country and bring leadership to California communities. That’s why SEIU members are committed to seeing Katie Hill lected this November.”

July 17th- Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom Endorses Katie Hill for Congress

"Katie Hill has dedicated her life to working for the most vulnerable among us. She's spent years helping end homelessness across our state, making change through policy, and serving people struggling to afford housing."

July 12th- Senator Kamala Harris Endorses Katie Hill for Congress

"At a time when our fundamental rights are at risk, we need to elect champions like Katie Hill to Congress. Katie will fight for our ideals, for our rights, and to guarantee fairness and equality for all."

July 11th- The Supreme Court is Not for Sale: Say No to Kavanaugh

July 10th- Katie Hill For Congress Raises More than 1.3 Million in Second Quarter

May 25th- Momentum with Katie Hill in CA-25 Race

May 15th- Women’s Rights Champion and Public Interest Attorney Sandra Fluke Endorses Katie Hill

May 14th- Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda L. Solis Endorses Katie Hill

May 8th- Vice Chair of the House Democratic Caucus Rep. Linda Sanchez Endorses Katie Hill for Congress

May 4th- Saugus School District Governing Board Member and Community Leader Chris Trunkey Endorses Katie Hill

April 5th- Katie Hill for Congress Raises More Than $400,000 in First Quarter