Press Releases:

November 27th - Why We Support Leader Pelosi

“The incoming class of first-term members is younger and more diverse than ever before. A proven leader like Leader Pelosi will be a valuable resource as we, ourselves, step up to lead, and as we work to make life better for the people we represent.”

November 7th - Katie Hill Elected to House of Representatives

"This election was historic. Our goal from day one was to empower this community to have a voice -- and with more than 4,000 volunteers and 500,000 doors knocked, we delivered. I am incredibly grateful to everyone who invested their time and energy into this effort. This is just the beginning."

October 24th - Katie Hill Releases Next Commercial

“Special interests are spending millions attacking me because my opponent is in their pocket and they’re desperate to maintain their power. That’s why Washington is broken.”

October 10th - Katie Hill Weekly Slate of Campaign Events

“Congressional Candidate Katie Hill continues to gather residents and community leaders to discuss the most pressing issues affecting the 25th District. Listed are public events scheduled over the coming days.”

October 4th- Katie Hill Demands Steve Knight Stop Playing Politics with Health Care

“Last year, Steve Knight voted for a health care overhaul which would have resulted in millions of people losing their medical coverage, and has voted to repeal all or part of the Affordable Care Act nine times, which would have increased health care costs and made it impossible for those who have preexisting conditions to get affordable coverage.”