Democratic Nominee for California's 25th Congressional District!



A fighter for California families with lifelong roots in her district. California women and families deserve a champion like Katie Hill who will always be in their corner—and EMILY’s List is proud to support her run for Congress.

Meet Katie

Katie is an experienced change maker running for Congress in her hometown (Saugus ‘04!) to give a voice to the people of California’s 25th district. If you’re a member of this community then you already know Katie -- she’s the daughter of a local registered nurse and police officer, she’s been educated at your public schools, and there’s a good chance you’ve shared a grocery store checkout lane once or twice.

Katie is running for Congress to make sure your values and your community, not special interests and corporate money, are represented in Washington.






Not long after graduating CSUN with a B.A. in English and a Masters in Public Administration, Katie began what would become an extraordinary professional journey as the Executive Director of PATH (People Assisting the Homeless), a non-profit developing affordable and supportive places for people to live.

All of this before she turned 30 years old.

Katie is devoted to stabilizing families, addressing poverty at its roots, and bringing tangible and real change to her own community. She has dedicated her career to being a voice for vulnerable populations and believes underrepresented communities should be ensured a voice in Congress.

Katie currently lives on a farm in Agua Dulce with her husband Kenny, and their kids -- but of course by kids we mean their baby goats!

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Why Katie?

Katie has a proven track record as an advocate for progressive policies and working with people of all backgrounds for common good. Katie loves taking on hard problems - it’s her bread and butter. With one of California’s most complex and persistent problems, homelessness, she’s achieved remarkable results. She will continue to be an energetic progressive leader, tireless in securing and strengthening all of our most vital public services. She has direct insight into the needs federal programs meet, and how with evidence and outreach they can become more efficient and effective. After partnering with health providers, law enforcement, and employers, and overseeing hundreds of government contracts, Katie understands the complexities of real change. 

She will fiercely defend the rights and dignity of workers, women, seniors, LGBT people, immigrants, and the disabled. She will push hard every day for a VA worthy of our vets, criminal justice policies that work, healthcare that puts patients before profits and the 21st century infrastructure for a sustainable equal-opportunity economy. Katie is running to be part of a new generation of leaders in a new House majority, and she is eager to put her energy and dedication to work in Washington.

California's 25th District

California's beautiful 25th district has been my home since I was a child. I grew up in Saugus and currently live on a small farm in Agua Dulce with my Husband, 4 dogs, 3 chickens, 2 goats and a horse.

The district spans from Lake Los Angeles in the east encompassing much of the Antelope Valley with cities like Palmdale and Lancaster, across the San Gabriel Mountains, Canyon Country and the Angeles National Forest all the way to Simi Valley in the west.  

In 2016, Hillary Clinton won this District by 6 points, and registered Democrats outnumber registered Republicans. Republican Steve Knight has held this seat for two terms, but is now vulnerable and this race is a toss-up, considered one of the most competitive House races nationally. Our District is at the forefront of a movement, and it desperately needs a new generation of leaders.

My Vision

I have strong ideals. I believe that the American government is an institution that should be protecting, fighting for, bettering and lifting up its people. We need to support our working families, we need to support our most vulnerable communities, we need to make sure that people have good jobs, access to affordable health care, clean drinking water and fresh air. We need to protect labor unions, we need to protect single parents, we need to protect the LGBTQ community, we need to gather together, unite with one another and stand to make this America, the America that we build together.